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Advice to the Grub Street Verse-writers (J. Swift) An Apple-Gathering (C. G. Rossetti) The Arbitary English Language (Anonymous) At Home (C. G. Rossetti) A Birthday (C. G. Rossetti) The Blessed Damozel (D. G. Rossetti) The Blind Archer (A. C. Doyle) Boot and Saddle (R. Browning) Bride Song (C. G. Rossetti) Brown Penny (W. B. Yeats) "Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came" (R. Browning) Christmas at Sea (R. L. Stevenson) Conscience (H. D. Thoreau) The Courtship Of Miles Standish (H. W. Longellow) Cui Bono (T. Carlyle) Daybreak (J. London) A Description of the Morning (J. Swift) Epitaph on the World (H. D. Thoreau) Evangeline: A Tale Of Acadie (H. W. Longellow) Evelyn Hope (R. Browning) Faithless Sally Brown (T. Hood) The Fisher's Boy (H. D. Thoreau) Flood (J. Joyce) The Forsaken Merman (M. Arnold) Fortuna (T. Carlyle) The Franklin's Maid> (A. C. Doyle) Friendship (H. D. Thoreau) George Sterling (J. London) The Gift of God (J. London) Goblin Market (C. G. Rossetti) Gold Leaves (G. K. Chesterton) A Grammarian's Funeral (R. Browning) Grief (E. B. Browning) The Guards Came Through (A. C. Doyle) Heather Ale (R. L. Stevenson) The Holy Night (E. B. Browning) How They Brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix (R. Browning) A Hunting Morning (A. C. Doyle) Hunting Song (W. Scott) I Am a Parcel of Vain Strivings Tied (H. D. Thoreau) I Knew a Man by Sight (H. D. Thoreau) In a Year (J. London) Indeed, Indeed, I Cannot Tell (H. D. Thoreau) The Indian Burying Ground (F. M. Freneau) The Inner Room (A. C. Doyle) In Prison (W. Morris) Inspiration (H. D. Thoreau) The Inward Morning (H. D. Thoreau) I Remember, I Remember (T. Hood) The Irish Colonel (A. C. Doyle) Italia, io ti Saluto! (C. G. Rossetti) The Italian in England (R. Browning) The Klondyker's Dream (J. London) Last Sonnet (J. Keats) Limericks (W. C. Monkhouse) The Lover's Liturgy (J. London) Low-Anchored Cloud (H. D. Thoreau) Lucy Ashton’s Song (W. Scott) Lullaby of an Infant Chief (W. Scott) The Mariner (G. K. Chesterton) Master (A. C. Doyle) Matter Triumphans (R. L. Stevenson) Meeting At Night (R. Browning) Men Say They Know Many Things (H. D. Thoreau) The Mill (E. A. Robinson) Moods (J. London) The Moon (H. D. Thoreau) Morituri Salutamus (H. W. Longellow) Nightingales (R. Bridges) Nightpiece (J. Joyce) "No, Thank You, John." (C. G. Rossetti) Nothing to Say (O. Henry) Oft, In The Stilly Night (T. Moore) Old Huntsman (A. C. Doyle) On Retirement (F. M. Freneau) On the Wing (C. G. Rossetti) The Other World (H. Beecher Stowe) A Parable (A. C. Doyle) Pennarby Mine (A. C. Doyle) The Pied Piper of Hamelin (R. Browning) Porphyria's Lover (R. Browning) Prayer (H. D. Thoreau) Remember (C. G. Rossetti) Requiem (R. L. Stevenson) Retrospect (A. C. Doyle) Riding Together (W. Morris) Rondeau (L. Hunt) Rumors from an Aeolian Harp (H. D. Thoreau) The Sea Sprite and the Shooting Star (J. London) A Serenade (W. Scott) Shakespeare (M. Arnold) Sic Vita (H. D. Thoreau) Smoke (H. D. Thoreau) Solomon To Sheba (W. B. Yeats) Song (R. Dodsley) The Song of the Bow (A. C. Doyle) The Song of the Flames (J. London) A Song of the Road (R. L. Stevenson) Song of Fairies Robbing an Orchard (L. Hunt) The Song of Hiawatha (H. W. Longellow) Song of the Imprisoned Huntsman (W. Scott) The Song of the Wreck (Ch. Dickens) Sonnet (J. London) The Stars (M. M. Dodge) The Summer Rain (H. D. Thoreau) They Who Prepare my Evening Meal Below (H. D. Thoreau) A Thought of the Nile (L. Hunt) Three Seasons (C. G. Rossetti) A Tragedy (A. C. Doyle) Tutto é Sciolto (J. Joyce) Two in the Campagna (R. Browning) The Vagabond (R. L. Stevenson) A Visit from the Sea (R. L. Stevenson) The Way of War (J. London) Weasel Thieves (J. London) What's the Railroad to Me? (H. D. Thoreau) When I Am Dead, my Dearest (C. G. Rossetti) Where the Rainbow Fell (J. London) Winter Nightfall (R. Bridges) Within the Circuit of This Plodding Life (H. D. Thoreau) The Worker and the Tramp (J. London) к началу страницы _________________________________________________________________________________________